This post is going to be different than my other posts; short and sweet.  Below is a list of some of the things I'm grateful for:

  • Silly little pictures that make me smile like the one here
  • My family (cliched but true)
  • My health
  • My wealth (present and future)
  • My computer knowledge
  • Food (I think I'd call myself a foodie)
  • Exercise (so I can eat more food)
  • My body (Do you realize how AMAZING your body is!)
  • My cell phone (I remember my parents coming out of a store not knowing where the other one is, and the process continuing for a good half hour - one would come out and the other would go in - if I loose my husband in a store, I call him)
  • My job (even though it's not where I want to be eventually, it helps)
  • My husband's ability to budget
  • SLEEP (with a newborn, I don't get much of it)
  • Clothes (I'm not all about going around naked)
  • My ability to write and read
  • A car and the know-how to drive it
  • TV (to keep my son entertained some of the time I have to work)
  • New opportunities
  • Sunscreen (I don't want skin cancer, do you?)
  • Pictures
  • Words
  • Family get-togethers
  • Love (romantic and agape love)
  • Reasoning ability
  • Imagination
  • Vision (with my eyes and seeing the future as well)
  • Water (while breastfeeding, I drink a lot of it)
  • Like-minded friends
I could keep going, but I want you to share your grateful list.  You'll have a better day, and life, if you think about what you're grateful for.  Plus, it feeds my soul when I know what others are grateful for as well.

Lisa Starr

Life/Business Coach


Money is an energy.  That's all.  It's not hard to get; it's not easy to get.  Well, it's actually both depending on your mindset.  You can either repel money or attract money.  That's how it's an energy.

Do You Repel Money?
None of us WANT to repel money, but how do we?  If we think lack, debt, scarcity - that's how we can repel it.  If we look at bills in the mail and feel fear because we don't have enough money to pay that bill, or frustration that we need to pay that bill in the first place, that can also repel money.  The belief, true belief deep inside, can also repel money. We may want money so badly but not know how to get it - the feeling of not having enough can also repel money.  You get the idea.

Do You Want to Attract Money?
I'm sure all of us do, but may not know how.  We can attract money, or start to, by simply being grateful for the money we have.  We may only have a dollar in our bank account, but just being grateful that the dollar is there rather than being overdrawn can help bring money to you.  We can also start being grateful
for bills.  WHAT?!  Did I read right?  Why would I be grateful for my bills?  Well, the bill could be higher.  You could not have the money and not know how to get the money to pay the bill.  You could be grateful for your health that you can go out and work to earn the money to pay the bill.  You could be grateful that you only have to pay a bill once (like a hospital bill or a bill for a piece of equipment needed).

How Do We Learn to Look at Money Differently?
Similar as with anything else - just start.  The more positive thoughts we have about money, the more we are in the habit of looking at money in the healthy way.  It may not happen overnight, but the best we can do is keep trying.  For every new way of looking at money, a new habit is starting.  Just as we create bad habits, we can also create the good habits.
  It may not be easy, but possible.

Because of the way this society uses money for barter, it's not going away.  It changes depending on where you are in the world, but it's here to stay.  If you need a little help looking at money differently, I can help.  If you'd like to share something that may help this community, we'd love to hear it.  Please reach out and help.

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach

This picture to the left is a vision board.  Have you ever heard of a vision board?  It's basically things you see for yourself for the future.  It could be things you see yourself having, being, place you'd like to go, things you'd like to do, etc.  It's the emotional, internal vision I'm meaning rather than the physical vision with eyes.

What is Vision?
Vision, the internal kind, is important for success in any journey.  Vision is the ability to see what is not currently seen long enough until it comes into reality.  Vision is what dreamers have.  It's the only passionate vision we have.  When we talk about our senses, we mean what is currently here and now.
  True vision is creative.  As I've heard before, "the only way to predict the future is to invent it."

Why Does Having Vision Matter?
When you have vision, you have more passion in your life.  You have more "umph" in your "try" until it becomes "triumph."  It matters if you have a destination to where you're traveling.  It matters for your family, or who you'd like as a part of your family.  It also matters for your own self-fulfillment

How Do You Get Vision?
You probably already have it.  What do you want in your life?  Think.  Just take a few minutes and think about what you would have if time and money were no object?  Where would you travel?  What would you own?
I'd love to hear about it.  I'd love to help you get what you want.

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach




I don't know if you've ever heard of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, but maybe you've heard of his "Flow" theory.  Even if you haven't studied or known what it is, I bet you've experienced it.  It's a wonderful theory and makes so much sense when talking about finding joy in the small things in life.

"Flow" is the ultimate pleasure in life.  I like to call it a natural high.  Another way to put it is being "in the zone" that is often related to sports.  It's basically when you're doing something that you find so natural that it becomes pleasurable.  If you were to draw a 2x2 table, it's where optimal skills meet optimal enjoyment.  I'm sure the phrase came from flowing water in a river, etc.

Why do I mention this?  Flow is what I feel like whenever I'm coaching.  I sometimes wonder what I'm doing and where I'll go next in the conversation, but it just flows naturally.  I never thought that life coaching would be a field that I would find myself involved.  Yet, it just seems like such a natural progression to my life and the experiences in which I've been involved.  It just flows.

Do you have something you're so passionate and skillful in that you just feel joy and peace whenever you practice or experience it?  What in your life do you love so much that if you got paid for it, you'd never work a day more in your life?  Please help me experience my passion more and let me help you discover yours.  You will NOT regret it.

Lisa Starr

Life and Business Coach


    There are many purposes to life - your life.  I truly believe that we're all here for a reason.  Do you know what that reason is for YOU?  Maybe your life's purpose is to help a certain type of people, work a certain job, or simply to be happy where you are with all that life puts before you.  I don't know what that purpose is - only you do - but I can help you find it.

Is Your Life's Purpose to Work with a Certain People?

        Think about your passions.  Do you prefer to work with: small business owners, network marketers, people with health/relationship/financial concerns, people with disabilities, the elderly, children, etc.  Why?  Why do you like to work with those people?  Why do always gravitate back to working with that population?  Maybe there's something more to your choices of employment than simply chance.

    What are you good at doing for employment?  Are you good at doing what your passion is?  Maybe what you're good at and what you're passionate about are completely different things.  For example, I'm good with numbers, but I have never had an interest in accounting.  I know of many people who are interested in something but aren't doing that as a profession because they don't think they can make money in what they are passionate about.

Is Your Life Purpose to Work a Certain Job?

    Maybe you can do the most good in a certain profession.  Maybe you would be the most good to the most amount of people as a doctor/nurse/psychologist/police officer/postmaster/teacher/coach/musician, or something else entirely.  Maybe you'll do the most good for the most people, or maybe you'll do the most good for one person.  Maybe that one person's life will be completely altered for the best because of you.  Maybe a couple or couple dozen people will be totally improved by you.

    Maybe you're working that job currently, but maybe you aren't.  Maybe you're afraid of the consequences, that you might be worried about providing for your family if you make a difference in your community.  It's possible that you won't, but it's also possible that you will.  When you believe you CAN, doors open to you that wouldn't have otherwise, once you make the decision to step out and trust yourself.

Is Your Life Purpose to Be Happy?

    You ultimately simply want to be happy - if you ask yourself the questions of life enough, they usually come down to this.  Maybe you just need to be happy where we are.  Maybe you won't get what you want until you're happy where you are RIGHT NOW.  Maybe you'll get more in our life by simply being happy and maybe by simply being happy you''ll be happy with what you have now, and that will be good enough.

    What stops you from being happy?  To be happy is an active choice and feeling you can have.  Maybe you simply don't make the choice to be happy now.  Maybe you don't know how to be happy now.  Maybe you don't want to be happy now.  You might think that you want to be happy but you may not be acting like it.  Usually, people simply don't know that being happy can be so easy.

    Whatever your life purpose is, NOW is the time to find it.  Purpose may be the difference between having motivation and just living the daily grind.  Purpose can add so much inner help to your day and life- not only by helping you feel fulfilled, but also by giving you energy to accomplish what you need to each day. 

Please ask how I can help.  I know I can and I'd love to help you.

Lisa Starr
Starr Global Enterprises
There are many reasons for having no energy.  You could not be eating well, you would not be exercising enough (or at all), you could lack motivation or you could be having energy leaks in other areas of your life.  This post will discuss the above reasoning.

No Energy By Not Eating Well
We may all know that if we don't eat well, we don't feel as well.  I definitely notice that even more now that I'm pregnant.  If I eat too many chips or drink soda pop, I just don't feel as much energy.  Maybe you don't know that any carbonation, whether caffeine is included or not, can be detrimental to your bones and energy.  Did you know that it takes your body 8 ounces of water to counteract the effects of 1 ounce of carbonation on your body?  Simply drinking one 12 ounce carbonated soda a day can not only help you gain 10 pounds in a year, but it can also significantly deplete your energy level.  Anything processed, especially white flour, pasta or rice, can take away energy from your body as well.

No Energy By Not Exercising Enough
It is suggested that we exercise moderately 30 minutes a day most days of the week.  If you are not doing this, you may not be getting enough exercise.  Also, in listening to your body, you may need even more.  If you are trying to lose weight instead of only maintaining it, you also may need to exercise more vigorously.  You can figure out your target heart rate by 220-your age.  A good working up a sweat not only helps you feel better physically, but also mentally.  I know I feel better every time I leave the gym.  By not exercising, you can't possibly be at your physical best throughout the day.

No Energy Because of Energy Leaks in Your Life
Energy leaks can be many different things.  They can include jealousy, laziness, clutter, etc.  If you have bad feelings in your heart toward anyone for any reason, you don't have extra energy for the good things.  If you're lazy, you lack energy to do what you need to do.  The more you have in your place of living, the less space you have in your life for other things.  If you want more goodness in your life, you'll have to find the energy leaks in your life and fill them up.  Only YOU can know what your energy leaks are. 

If you need help finding the energy leaks or other ways to help you get more energy, please ask me.

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach

There are many things you can do to become a business coach.  There are many reasons you might want to become a business coach as well, like: more lucrative in the money category, helping more people at the same time, dealing with professionals in a professional setting appeals to you, etc.  In this article, you can learn a little about certification, finding clients, getting clients to pay you what you're worth, learning what to say, dealing with objections/problems, and having fun.

There are many certifications you can get from many places.  You want to find the best certification to become a business coach for you.  You can start looking for business coach certifications through either an online search or phone book search.  You may not even want to become certified, and, currently, in many states/countries, you don't need to be certified in order to become a business coach.  Certification can build credibility for new clients, however.  Jeffrey Sooey, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and many others offer training/certifications.  Choose which one works best with your timeline and budget.

Finding Clients
The best way to find clients may be simply to look in your area.  Go to a business that you already visit or work with and ask Human Resources if they're looking for a business coach to help their company be more effective.  Ask your friends also who they work for and if you could get the number for Human Resources to set up an appointment and let them know what you can do to help coach employees in their business as a whole.  You could also join small business forums and answer peoples' questions professionally to become a valued member of that group.  Then, maybe you could ask if they can help you.  To become a business coach, it will take a little creativity on your part to find the best clients.

Getting Clients to Pay What You're Worth
To become a business coach, you must have paying clients.  First of all, before anyone can pay you what you're worth, you need to decide exactly how much you want to charge.  Your first ballpark figure may be too high or too low, but if you have a starting point, at least you can begin.  Put together a professional presentation for the Human Resources of companies you have appointments with.  Make sure to build value.  If you don't first build value in what you are offering, the companies will always look for the lowest price, which will be their driving factor.  You want the companies to feel excited that they get so much value for such a good cost.  You want them to feel like they're getting a bargain because of all you offer. 

Learning What to Say
If you choose to get certified, in the certification process, you'll learn what to say.  If choosing not to become certified, you may feel a little inexperienced.  Either way, learning what to say is a process.  You will say different things in different settings, since every company needs something a little different from a business coach.  Some companies may need more coaching in teamwork.  Some companies may have a great morale, but not know how to effectively communicate with each other, especially when the stakes are high.  Other companies may need organization and effectiveness training.  There's no way for you to know until you fully meet with group.  Yet, the best way to plan is to brainstorm what you'd say in each situation.  Then, whatever comes up, you'll be prepared.

Dealing with Problems or Issues That Arises
There are going to be problems or issues at some point in your career as a business coach.  There may be problems with businesses not feeling like you gave them the value they promised (note: NEVER make money claims of how much more their company will make unless you're confident and have proof that you can make that happen EVERY time), fighting while in teambuilding activities, issues with politics in the company (many, if not all, companies have politics), or some unexpected events.  Obviously, the best way to handle issues is to talk through the problem and handle it calmly.  The best way to handle issues is to brainstorm solutions to all possible problems you can think of.  This way, even if the problem is not exactly like the one you brainstormed a solution for, at least you'll be more prepared than if you didn't do that.

To Become a Business Coach, Remember to Have Fun
If you don't learn to have fun, the companies may not continue to hire you, or you may simply not want to coach anymore.  Having fun is an essential part of coaching, to some respect.  It may simply be fun to know that you're helping another.  It may be fun to be more in control of your career.  It may be fun to work during the day so you can be home and more available for you children.  Whatever the reason, smiling and having fun will help others like you more, and help you get more clients.

For whatever reason you decided to become a business coach, and however you specialize, these tips will help have a more successful coaching practice.  In fact, these techniques may help in many ways, not only in coaching.  Please feel free to reach out if you need help.  Coaching can be difficult and you can handle different situations in many ways.  However you handle your coaching practice, make sure you think.  Think about what could have gone better and what went well.  Voltaire said that, "No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking."

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach

I think among all the titles, whether life or corporate coach, I'd like to be known as a motivational coach.  The reason I'd like to be known as a motivational coach is, one of my main goals in coaching is to motivate people to change their lives for the better.  You can be coached many times, but if you do not change, what's the point?!

This post will be a list of "You Might Be a Motivational Coach if..." similar to Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Redneck if..." jokes.

You might be a motivational coach if:

  • You end your e-mails with a motivational quote
  • You've read and shared The Secret
  • You've said "You're a winner" to someone
  • You care about people and listen to them talk
  • You watch the TV series The Bible
  • You listen to as many free webinars as you can
  • You're constantly giving other people advice
  • You take someone's advice and share it with someone else
  • You quote books
  • You quote famous quotes from movies or people
  • You lead others to motivational gurus
  • You lead people to yourself
  • You write blog posts
  • You make videos about coaching
  • You write articles about coaching
  • You like funny things

I don't know, maybe this is a ridiculous post.  Let me know.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

 I have made a couple of YouTube videos about Life Coaching, if you are interested in building a business and being a Life Coach.  Since I haven't been very faithful here, I at least wanted to show what I've been up to partially.

The links are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3j3PoUpmo8 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnGIsx18oLU

For more information on you being coached, please contact me.

Lisa Starr
Life/ Business Coach
Business Coaching can also be known as corporate coaching or executive coaching.  It is basically a type of coaching that helps the group/team/business be more effective as individuals and as a whole.  This article talks about what it is, when you might use it and why you should use a coach for your business needs.  Many individuals, and also many businesses are already using coaching.  In 2011, according to the Training Industry, business coaching made $129.36 Billion and was expected to grow $132 Billion in 2012.*

What Business Coaching Is
Often times, business coaching has some aspect of individual life coaching.  Yet, there is the added dynamic of the group, or, more than one individual.  It is guiding the group to make decisions that would positively affect the group as a whole.

This is a type of coaching for a group (like a club or individuals who come together).  Often, this type of coaching is used with people who work together at a specific job.  Either way, it's to help people work together and solve issues that is affecting the effectiveness of the group or job.  Obviously, we have different backgrounds, religions, creeds, nationalities, cultures that creates differences.  Different ways of thinking and doing things are natural in every type of group.  We coaches help bridge the gap between those differences.

How Business Coaching Can Be Used
Business Coaching can be used to help the groups be more than it currently is.  Synergy is when 1+1=3.  The whole of each individual parts is more than they are individually.  Business Coaching can turn the organization from good to great.  It can also turn a struggling organization into a thriving organization.

Coaching in businesses and groups can be used on a regular basis.  Imagine what it would be like to have someone regularly on-call or on-site to help with personnel conflicts.  It would also be great to have ongoing support with the goals that the business may have set up on a retreat or after a state evaluation - to keep everyone on track.  The reminders would be very helpful for all of the members of a business, from the lowest on the totem pole to the CEO.

Business coaches can also be used for a one-time event, like a weekend retreat.  Retreats have a way to bring individuals together into one unit.  Teambuilding activities are often a part of weekend retreats, and, in working together on a hypothetical situation, often help in solving every day situations at the end of the weekend.  Even a simple afternoon of problem-solving games can help an organization work together as a whole.

Why Use a Coach?
Simply put, we are trained  and/or certified to know how to help your organization grow in quality.  This may even result in higher profits for your company.  This will certainly result in higher morale in the company.  It will most likely result in more effective communication and working as a team.  We coaches have a way of bringing individuals into a unified group.  Though there are many differences, there are also many similarities in whatever organization, and we capitalize on those similarities.

A trainer is outside of the politics of an organization, so we can see the situation a little more objectively. We can look into the heart of a problem to find a solution that, hopefully, works for all involved.  The solutions we come up with at least help the majority of the group.  We ask questions and get solutions from the group.  We figure that the individuals in an organization usually have solutions that they have thought of many times, but have never had the opportunity to present them to the group.

There are many other ways this type of coaching can be used, but at least this is something to think about.  Please ask me  how I can help your group grow  in unity and effectiveness. Take advantage of my complimentary session today!

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach

*You can find this statistic on http://bit.ly/R3r9LO