For my purposes, abundance means "more than enough."  You may be abundant, in something.  Think about it, do you have a lot of money, a lot of close family and friends, a lot of excess weight, a lot of closeness to God, a lot of health.  And maybe you don't feel like you have an abundance of anything.

Be grateful for any abundance in your life.  I know it may sound strange to be grateful for excess weight, but, that means that your wonderful body is protecting you from the possibility of starvation.  Your body is storing that weight for a rainy day.  It's protecting you from the opposite of where you are now.

Abundance is a blessing in any form.  You may not be financially rich, but you may have great family relationships.  You just love to spend time with them whenever you can.  They are your bread and butter of life.  You just laugh until you cry.  It's a wonderful life with family - whether you were born into that family, or you unofficially adopted them.

Even in business, maybe you don't make a lot of money but have many loyal customers.  They'd do almost anything for you and you'd do almost anything for them.  You've been in business for a long time and some of your customers now are children of some of your first customers.

Let me know how you are abundant.  I'd love to hear it.

I'm abundant in family relationships.  Both my parents and my husband's parents live close by.  When I grew up, my family mostly spent time with each other.  We just loved to be with each other and knew how to laugh and be with each other.  We simply "got" each other and had fun together.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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