I think many of us lose tempers over something, whether it be family or friends, or perfect strangers (like, while driving).  It's hard to have self-control all of the time.  Many people don't get angry at others often, but get angry at themselves.

The key is:  are we getting better?  Do we want to get better?  I know I do, as a Christian trying to get closer to God.  Some believe in reincarnation, Paganism, Buddha or other faiths.  Yet, I believe that most faiths have an element of getting better or closer to that higher power.  We all want to feel we're on a path somewhere that will eventually get someplace. 

Yet, does anger really help us become better?  What does anger accomplish?  Many things in many circumstances, but, to me, it seems to be to help us feel justified for not becoming who we truly are inside.  We may not even admit this to ourselves.  However, I don't know of any really good purpose anger serves.  It may manipulate others to do what you want, but then they are not feeling good either.

If you get angry, like I do, it might help to think about what you get angry about?  Under what circumstances do you often get angry?  To start improving anything in life, it helps to note where you currently are.  How does it make you feel?  Fully feel the emotions and notice as much as you can about it.  Can you sense if it has a color or shape?  Where in your body do you feel it the strongest?  What do you feel like doing?  What do you actually do?  Why?  Just start asking yourself questions.  Honestly, you are your best therapist. 

Coaches like me can simply help lead you in the right direction.  Feel free to ask me.

Lisa Starr
Life and Business Coach

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