Bob Proctor is the in the middle.
I'll try to be careful as to how much I share, since I don't want to take away from his wonderful programs.  I would consider him my biggest mentor, and I'd invite you to learn more about him, if you don't already know him.  He is a very wise man who has studied and lived personal development techniques for 47 years.

First, I'd like to introduce how I know him and what I know about his background.  I know him as one of the philosophers who spoke on the movie The Secret.  If you have not watched the movie or read the book by Rhonda Byrnes, I definitely recommend it.  It is basically a book/movie about how to most effectively live life to achieve your dreams (whatever those dreams may be).  I later, because of this previous knowledge, got introduced to him via daily video recordings in a program he does called Six Minutes to Success (www.sixminutestosuccess.com), in which he talks about a thought-provoking principle for a minute a day and invites you to think on that principle for 5 additional minutes, plus, think on it throughout the day.  I later got introduced to his Goal Achiever's program that teaches about your mind, how to create in your life, why and how to set and achieve goals, what goals to prioritize and focus on in your life, and ultimately, how to achieve your dreams.  I'm now working on getting funding for his Thinking Into Results program.

I'm sure there are many more things you can learn about him, more of a biography, online.  However, this is what he's shared about himself on some of his webinars.  At one point in his life, he was making $4,000 a year working as a custodian (I believe it was).  Then, he realized he wanted more in his life but didn't  know how to get there.  After listening to one of his first mentors and reading a book (I think it was Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill), his income rose significantly the next year, and I think he was doing the same thing as a profession.  He's grown and learned to become better and better, and helped thousands of people to do the same, ever since.  That rags to riches inspired me to believe I can do the same thing.

Although there are many more things I could teach, I want to focus on what I've learned:
  • The three parts to our personality
  • Our mental muscles
  • My Script
  • I'm happy and grateful that...
  • Why and how to best achieve goals
  • Whatever else I can say, without giving too much away
Why am I sharing this?  In my coaching, my goal is to be able to share more of his teachings, as I feel they apply to every person, no matter your race, creed, religion, profession, etc.  They have benefited me so much that I wanted to share some of what I learn with others.  I also want to pique your interest into finding more about him and his philosophies.

The next few blog posts will be about the above concepts.

Lisa Starr

Life/Corporate Coach


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