Whether you have a start up company or are good and want to be great, there are some things to help.  Just to review from the last post, there are a couple of books that can help.  There are also some marketing tactics that can help.  We'll continue that discussion today.

For starting companies, what can you see in a year?  Write down how you want your business to be a year from now and, daily, live into that vision.  Act as if you already are where you want to be.  You'll get there if you do the effort it takes and believe.  Belief and work go hand in hand, no matter what your business is.

For good companies who want to become great, other than doing the same thing that got you where you are now, here are some more things you can try.  When you want to triumph over your competition, without being cutthroat, just add a little umph to that try.  What I mean is, what can you improve just a little bit?  Think about it, if your company only improves 1% a day, that adds up to 365-366% better in a YEAR!  A small change in customer service, attitude, getting orders correct, honesty, etc. can prove to be very profitable.

For both companies, it helps to treat your employees (even if it's just yourself) as individuals.  All of us have different strengths and weaknesses.  Do you know your employees' strengths and weaknesses?  Do you know how to overcome your employees' weaknesses, or which employees' strengths can overpower your employees' weaknesses?  Do you know what your employees are best at?  Are they being used in the best place in the company?  What could help them perform just a little bit better?

If you need help brainstorming, or figure out what would help most for YOUR company, please e-mail me.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coaching

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