There are a few people I got e-mails from this week that were struggling with getting a business started, stable, or growing bigger and better than it already is.  Feel free to read whichever part of this blog post applies to you. This blog post will be some general advice and if you'd like more specific advice, feel free to e-mail me.

If you're simply starting a business and not sure either what to do or how to get a business going, I'd recommend starting by reading Monetize Your Passion by Rich German.  He really helps people make money doing what they love.  He asks for a donation to download the book, but the donation is not necessary, just recommended.  He is also a coach, so I can relate to him.

Next, I'd recommend being real in what you need, in terms of funding, space (is it a brick and mortar store, mobile business, online business, etc.), people (employees/partners, etc.), products (who would produce your books, business cards, or whatever it is you sell)/services. advertising.  Come up with a list of estimates of what resources and costs it would take.

Then, take stock of what you already have.  Do you have business skills?  Do you have practical skills that will help you be effective in your business?  Do you have any certifications to build credibility?  There may be a lot more that you have than things you really need.  Maybe you have a lot of time to build your business.

If you already have a successful business that you want to grow, take note of how you got there.  How long has it taken to get where you want to be?  What resources has it already taken?  Chances are, in order to grow, it may take a little more of the same to grow.  There is a book I know of that will help: From Good to Great by Jim Collins.  It is about companies that are good and how they can become great.  Another great book is All Business is Show Business about how to get raving customers who refer others to you. 

There are also many companies that are willing to fund projects or help other companies grow.  You could ask a company you already work with if they have a grant-maker.  You could also go to Grants.gov, grants.com or check out business grant now.  Many companies are non-profit companies for non-profit companies, but there are others as well. 

For anyone, the book Think and Grow Rich is essential.  There are many things inside this book that helps anyone with any company, but, mainly, it puts you in the right mindset to make the decisions you need and figure out the answers for yourself so you can be rich.  This book has probably made more millionaires than any other book.

Basically, if you're starting out a new business, you'll need to take stock of what you have and what you need.  If you are building a business, you will want to think back to how you got where you are and do more of the same.  You may also need to read and/or look for grant funding. 

Please let me know how I can specifically help you, whether this helps you or not.  I'm here to help.

Lisa Starr
Life/ Business Coaching

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