Do you like it?  Do you hate it?  Do you not care?  Maybe there are aspects of the Christmas season that you like and aspects of the Christmas season that you really don't like.  The trees, the lights, the snow, the shopping for presents, the receiving of presents, the putting up of Christmas decorations, the taking down of Christmas decoration are all often a part of American Christmas.

Many people in America, and in other parts of the world, don't even celebrate Christmas.  There's Kwaanza (an African-American and Pan-African holiday celebrated Dec. 26- Jan.1 celebrating family, culture and community, according to officialkwanzaawebsite.org), Hannukah (eight day celebration of a victory and rededication of a temple in the Jewish faith, which varies between November and December, according to Wikipedia.com).  Yet, all are aware of the celebration of the birth of Christ which is predominantly in the Western Hemisphere.

Going back to American Christmas, if you don't like it, what is the reason?  Could it be the loss of a loved one, a negative memory from past years celebrated, misunderstanding/ unbelief in what is celebrated, or something else entirely.  There can be many reasons for enjoyment/horror of the season.  If the way you feel about the season works for you, fine.  Yet, if it doesn't, and you'd like to know why, I'd like to help you.

I like many things about Christmas.  I like many celebrations enjoyed during the holiday season.  My husband and I have certain movies we like to watch (he likes to watch It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve and I like to watch While You Were Sleeping and Muppet's Christmas Carol sometime during the holiday season).  I like to go to White Elephant parties (for those who don't know what they are - they are where you bring a gift to wrap - the gift could be candies, something you don't want, or even a roll or toilet paper) and I LOVE to go Christmas caroling.  In fact, I haven't gone Christmas caroling in a few years and I miss it.  What are some of your holiday traditions?

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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