Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, read on.  There are some thought-provoking questions later.

Yesterday was Christmas for the USA.  Many people were gathering with friends and family for the annual celebration of brotherhood, Santa Claus, and, of course, Jesus Christ's birth.  We usually give each other gifts in memory of when the Wise Men gave Jesus Christ gifts and also for Christ's gift to us.

Were you happy with the gifts you got, or the reaction of those you gave?  Were you happy with the food, the company, and all of the festivities of the day?  If everything turned out well for you, you're lucky.  I think many of us had setbacks in food, gifts or family.  Hopefully, the disappointments you may have experienced were only minor.

Yet, maybe you have disappointments in life, not only in this holiday season.  Do you have major disappointments in your life from which you have not recovered?  Are there some losses which you can't quite get past?  I'm not trying to make loss sound like a simple thing you can just "get over."  You may not ever "get over" the losses you've experienced, but you can move past them for a fuller life.  Now, I don't mean forget about them, I mean cope with them in a way that you can still have successes in your life despite the losses you've experienced.

I have some ways that I can help you, but I can't help you personally or professionally unless I know your individual circumstances.  Please let me help you.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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