What do dreams mean?  Anything? 

I think it depends on who you are and your gifts.  For some of us, we can get direction for our lives through dreams.  Hey, Pharoah did in the time of Joseph of Egypt and King Darius did in the times of Daniel and the Lion's Den.  So, it IS possible.  Others of us will never have dreams that mean much more than what's going on in your life.

Dreams can often be fears of what might occur in your life or for what has already happened.  Dreams can mean what's really going on in life.  According to lifescript.com, you can remember your dreams better right after you wake up.  Take those few minutes to write details you remember about your dream.  Check if any of the top 10 most common aspects are in your dream: 1. Nudity, 2. Flying, 3. Falling, 4. Being chased, 5. Paralysis, 6. Water, 7. First day of school, 8. Death, 9. Colors, and 10. Romance. 

Nudity means a vulnerability or fear of dealing with situations in life.  Think about what in your life you may feel unprepared to handle.  What makes you feel vulnerable.  In an ideal world, what would be your solution to what makes you feel vulnerable?  This may help you solve this problem. 

Flying is in relation to goals.  If you're trying to make it to a higher level in your dream but struggling to do so, that may apply to the real world.  Maybe you're making measurable progress toward your goals, and maybe you're not.  Possibly, you need to take smaller steps to make it to your goal.

Falling may be setbacks in your life.  A long fall may be a large setback in life.  It's also a sense of lack of control in life.  What do you want more control of in your life?

Being chased is something in your life that you're avoiding.  It may be unresolved anger of a coworker.  It may be taxes, or the election.  What can you do to stop getting chased - DEAL WITH IT!

Paralysis can mean different things.  One interpretation is that you can't physically move in your sleep.  Another interpretation is that if you can't talk, maybe there's someone you can't express your opinions to.  If you can't move, you may lack confidence in something in your life. 

Water can be different emotions.  If water is rough, it could be a difficult situation.  If water is calm, maybe your life is calm or that you are content.

First days of school are stressful.  Yet, there are many new circumstances in our lives that remind us of the stress we felt when we went to the first day of school.  New situations remind us of the emotions we felt in our school days.

Death can also mean many things.  Maybe you've had a large change in your life - an ending- death of a loved one, divorce or moving away that you didn't get closure on.  It can also be the opposite, birth, or beginning.  Maybe you don't know how to deal with this new change and you secretly wish it would die.

Colors can mean different things.  Usually, we dream in black and white.  If, however, there are many vibrant colors, that could mean that a success lies ahead in your life.'

Romance can mean a couple of things.  How does the dream make you feel?  If the dream leaves you feeling content, that may mean that you are happy with how the love in your life is surfacing.  If, however, you feel frustrated or sad, that may mirror your love life or a situation of love in your life.

Dreams can tell you what's really happening in your life and can help you deal with life more effectively.  If you need a little extra help, just let me know.  I'm only an e-mail away.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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