There are many purposes to life - your life.  I truly believe that we're all here for a reason.  Do you know what that reason is for YOU?  Maybe your life's purpose is to help a certain type of people, work a certain job, or simply to be happy where you are with all that life puts before you.  I don't know what that purpose is - only you do - but I can help you find it.

Is Your Life's Purpose to Work with a Certain People?

        Think about your passions.  Do you prefer to work with: small business owners, network marketers, people with health/relationship/financial concerns, people with disabilities, the elderly, children, etc.  Why?  Why do you like to work with those people?  Why do always gravitate back to working with that population?  Maybe there's something more to your choices of employment than simply chance.

    What are you good at doing for employment?  Are you good at doing what your passion is?  Maybe what you're good at and what you're passionate about are completely different things.  For example, I'm good with numbers, but I have never had an interest in accounting.  I know of many people who are interested in something but aren't doing that as a profession because they don't think they can make money in what they are passionate about.

Is Your Life Purpose to Work a Certain Job?

    Maybe you can do the most good in a certain profession.  Maybe you would be the most good to the most amount of people as a doctor/nurse/psychologist/police officer/postmaster/teacher/coach/musician, or something else entirely.  Maybe you'll do the most good for the most people, or maybe you'll do the most good for one person.  Maybe that one person's life will be completely altered for the best because of you.  Maybe a couple or couple dozen people will be totally improved by you.

    Maybe you're working that job currently, but maybe you aren't.  Maybe you're afraid of the consequences, that you might be worried about providing for your family if you make a difference in your community.  It's possible that you won't, but it's also possible that you will.  When you believe you CAN, doors open to you that wouldn't have otherwise, once you make the decision to step out and trust yourself.

Is Your Life Purpose to Be Happy?

    You ultimately simply want to be happy - if you ask yourself the questions of life enough, they usually come down to this.  Maybe you just need to be happy where we are.  Maybe you won't get what you want until you're happy where you are RIGHT NOW.  Maybe you'll get more in our life by simply being happy and maybe by simply being happy you''ll be happy with what you have now, and that will be good enough.

    What stops you from being happy?  To be happy is an active choice and feeling you can have.  Maybe you simply don't make the choice to be happy now.  Maybe you don't know how to be happy now.  Maybe you don't want to be happy now.  You might think that you want to be happy but you may not be acting like it.  Usually, people simply don't know that being happy can be so easy.

    Whatever your life purpose is, NOW is the time to find it.  Purpose may be the difference between having motivation and just living the daily grind.  Purpose can add so much inner help to your day and life- not only by helping you feel fulfilled, but also by giving you energy to accomplish what you need to each day. 

Please ask how I can help.  I know I can and I'd love to help you.

Lisa Starr
Starr Global Enterprises

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