This picture to the left is a vision board.  Have you ever heard of a vision board?  It's basically things you see for yourself for the future.  It could be things you see yourself having, being, place you'd like to go, things you'd like to do, etc.  It's the emotional, internal vision I'm meaning rather than the physical vision with eyes.

What is Vision?
Vision, the internal kind, is important for success in any journey.  Vision is the ability to see what is not currently seen long enough until it comes into reality.  Vision is what dreamers have.  It's the only passionate vision we have.  When we talk about our senses, we mean what is currently here and now.
  True vision is creative.  As I've heard before, "the only way to predict the future is to invent it."

Why Does Having Vision Matter?
When you have vision, you have more passion in your life.  You have more "umph" in your "try" until it becomes "triumph."  It matters if you have a destination to where you're traveling.  It matters for your family, or who you'd like as a part of your family.  It also matters for your own self-fulfillment

How Do You Get Vision?
You probably already have it.  What do you want in your life?  Think.  Just take a few minutes and think about what you would have if time and money were no object?  Where would you travel?  What would you own?
I'd love to hear about it.  I'd love to help you get what you want.

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach

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