You want to know the basics?  I bet you already do.  Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, drink enough water.  Then, of course there's the not drinking or smoking anything that's unhealthy, which can be up for debate what all of that is.  Yup.  That's basically it.  I could end right here.

Yet, maybe you don't follow that.  Why not?  I know that's too easy to eat too many sweets around, especially around the holidays in America.  I know that it often tastes better to pick up soda pop rather than water.  I know that there's way too much stuff to do in order to get enough sleep.  I know that it takes effort and sometimes doing something you don't like to get exercise in each day, and maybe you get bored. Maybe there's too much other stuff to do to squeeze in the time to work out.  I've heard it all, and maybe you've said it all to yourself.

Why not make some - or ONE- new year's resolutions now, during the holidays?  What one unhealthy thing that you currently do, would you like to stop?  Or, what healthy thing would you like to start.  Or, what healthy thing do you already do that you'd like to do more of.  One thing can make all of the difference.  With Chinese medicine, if you strengthen the strengths, the weaknesses follow.  You can make a healthy difference - TODAY!  Why not make 2012 a year, though the end, of change?!

If you need help doing this, you know where to go.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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