Do you ever feel lost?  Maybe you were adopted or put in foster homes/orphanage when you were young?  Maybe you were not, didn't really feel a part of everything.  Maybe you were one of the popular kids in high school, but now that you're all grown up, you don't know where you belong.  Maybe you just lost a loved one with whom you felt so comfortable... so at home.

I think all of us are lost at some point in our lives - just trying to find out where we belong in this world.  You are not alone in this feeling.  It's a natural phase of life that we experience at different ages in life, and, some of us experience this feeling multiple times in our lives.  It simply means that you care about where you're going in this life.

It might help by start picturing who you want to be and visualizing your life as if your ideal life were today.  What would help you feel less lost.  Picture having again that person you miss.  It's OK to feel, though it may be hard.  Just notice every feeling, sensation, emotion, touch.  It may hurt, but at least you're feeling something.  Feeling something helps us feel more human.

What do you love?  What do you enjoy doing?  What would you enjoy doing for a career if it paid what you needed to take care of yourself/your family?  Think about it for a few minutes before judging your choices.  Just think, imagine and FEEL GOOD.  Imagine the life of your dreams?  Where would you be?  With whom would you be?  What would you be doing?  That's a start.

If you need any more help, just reach out.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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