Money is an energy.  That's all.  It's not hard to get; it's not easy to get.  Well, it's actually both depending on your mindset.  You can either repel money or attract money.  That's how it's an energy.

Do You Repel Money?
None of us WANT to repel money, but how do we?  If we think lack, debt, scarcity - that's how we can repel it.  If we look at bills in the mail and feel fear because we don't have enough money to pay that bill, or frustration that we need to pay that bill in the first place, that can also repel money.  The belief, true belief deep inside, can also repel money. We may want money so badly but not know how to get it - the feeling of not having enough can also repel money.  You get the idea.

Do You Want to Attract Money?
I'm sure all of us do, but may not know how.  We can attract money, or start to, by simply being grateful for the money we have.  We may only have a dollar in our bank account, but just being grateful that the dollar is there rather than being overdrawn can help bring money to you.  We can also start being grateful
for bills.  WHAT?!  Did I read right?  Why would I be grateful for my bills?  Well, the bill could be higher.  You could not have the money and not know how to get the money to pay the bill.  You could be grateful for your health that you can go out and work to earn the money to pay the bill.  You could be grateful that you only have to pay a bill once (like a hospital bill or a bill for a piece of equipment needed).

How Do We Learn to Look at Money Differently?
Similar as with anything else - just start.  The more positive thoughts we have about money, the more we are in the habit of looking at money in the healthy way.  It may not happen overnight, but the best we can do is keep trying.  For every new way of looking at money, a new habit is starting.  Just as we create bad habits, we can also create the good habits.
  It may not be easy, but possible.

Because of the way this society uses money for barter, it's not going away.  It changes depending on where you are in the world, but it's here to stay.  If you need a little help looking at money differently, I can help.  If you'd like to share something that may help this community, we'd love to hear it.  Please reach out and help.

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach

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