There are many ways people can be sick - mentally, physically, etc.  You could even feel sick but go to a doctor and nothing physically is going wrong.  It's the time of year that many people get sick.

Some things you can do when you get sick:
  • Take Echinacea
  • Take Garlic
  • Drink Hot Sauce
  • Get more sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Exercise more or less (depending on how you feel)
  • Be less active
  • Take off work (that, in and of itself may help)
  • Drink hot liquids/eat soup
  • Take Silver (you can find it at GNC)
Here are some things you can do to prevent sickness in the first place
  • Get a flu shot yearly
  • Take Vitamin C daily
  • Get enough sleep nightly
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink enough water daily
  • Calm down your stress in your life (you'll have to take it easy when you get sick anyway)
  • If you feel strain in your eyes (or stomach or wherever)
  • Dream regularly
  • Take care of stesses in your life right away
Have a good sleep.  That's where I'm headed now.

Lisa Starr

Life/Corporate Coach

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