There are many things you can do to become a business coach.  There are many reasons you might want to become a business coach as well, like: more lucrative in the money category, helping more people at the same time, dealing with professionals in a professional setting appeals to you, etc.  In this article, you can learn a little about certification, finding clients, getting clients to pay you what you're worth, learning what to say, dealing with objections/problems, and having fun.

There are many certifications you can get from many places.  You want to find the best certification to become a business coach for you.  You can start looking for business coach certifications through either an online search or phone book search.  You may not even want to become certified, and, currently, in many states/countries, you don't need to be certified in order to become a business coach.  Certification can build credibility for new clients, however.  Jeffrey Sooey, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and many others offer training/certifications.  Choose which one works best with your timeline and budget.

Finding Clients
The best way to find clients may be simply to look in your area.  Go to a business that you already visit or work with and ask Human Resources if they're looking for a business coach to help their company be more effective.  Ask your friends also who they work for and if you could get the number for Human Resources to set up an appointment and let them know what you can do to help coach employees in their business as a whole.  You could also join small business forums and answer peoples' questions professionally to become a valued member of that group.  Then, maybe you could ask if they can help you.  To become a business coach, it will take a little creativity on your part to find the best clients.

Getting Clients to Pay What You're Worth
To become a business coach, you must have paying clients.  First of all, before anyone can pay you what you're worth, you need to decide exactly how much you want to charge.  Your first ballpark figure may be too high or too low, but if you have a starting point, at least you can begin.  Put together a professional presentation for the Human Resources of companies you have appointments with.  Make sure to build value.  If you don't first build value in what you are offering, the companies will always look for the lowest price, which will be their driving factor.  You want the companies to feel excited that they get so much value for such a good cost.  You want them to feel like they're getting a bargain because of all you offer. 

Learning What to Say
If you choose to get certified, in the certification process, you'll learn what to say.  If choosing not to become certified, you may feel a little inexperienced.  Either way, learning what to say is a process.  You will say different things in different settings, since every company needs something a little different from a business coach.  Some companies may need more coaching in teamwork.  Some companies may have a great morale, but not know how to effectively communicate with each other, especially when the stakes are high.  Other companies may need organization and effectiveness training.  There's no way for you to know until you fully meet with group.  Yet, the best way to plan is to brainstorm what you'd say in each situation.  Then, whatever comes up, you'll be prepared.

Dealing with Problems or Issues That Arises
There are going to be problems or issues at some point in your career as a business coach.  There may be problems with businesses not feeling like you gave them the value they promised (note: NEVER make money claims of how much more their company will make unless you're confident and have proof that you can make that happen EVERY time), fighting while in teambuilding activities, issues with politics in the company (many, if not all, companies have politics), or some unexpected events.  Obviously, the best way to handle issues is to talk through the problem and handle it calmly.  The best way to handle issues is to brainstorm solutions to all possible problems you can think of.  This way, even if the problem is not exactly like the one you brainstormed a solution for, at least you'll be more prepared than if you didn't do that.

To Become a Business Coach, Remember to Have Fun
If you don't learn to have fun, the companies may not continue to hire you, or you may simply not want to coach anymore.  Having fun is an essential part of coaching, to some respect.  It may simply be fun to know that you're helping another.  It may be fun to be more in control of your career.  It may be fun to work during the day so you can be home and more available for you children.  Whatever the reason, smiling and having fun will help others like you more, and help you get more clients.

For whatever reason you decided to become a business coach, and however you specialize, these tips will help have a more successful coaching practice.  In fact, these techniques may help in many ways, not only in coaching.  Please feel free to reach out if you need help.  Coaching can be difficult and you can handle different situations in many ways.  However you handle your coaching practice, make sure you think.  Think about what could have gone better and what went well.  Voltaire said that, "No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking."

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