I don't know if you've heard the quote, "If you're concerned with what others think of you, you'd be surprised how seldom they do."  Yet, whether we think of what others think about us a lot or a little, it is important to some extent.  In business, reputation sometimes gives or take a lot of customers.  We, as business owners, aim to please - I'm sure you've heard the phrases "Your Way," "The customer is always right," and other phrases that say the same thing. 

Personally, some care and some don't about others' opinions of them.  Some only do what will please others.  Some will only do what others don't like.  Some go to the beat of their own drum.  Most of us do a little of all three.  Many of us just go throughout our days hoping we won't get in trouble with someone.

Opinions are interesting things.  They vary based on what's "in the eye of the beholder."  You can be up and popular one minute and a has-been the next minute.  You may have read the book or watched the movie The Lorax when the thneeds were all the rage one minute and almost the next minute they were forgotten. 

The point of all of this is to pick and choose whose opinions really matter.  If they do matter, make sure to impress.  If they don't matter, be considerate, but don't put too much stock on what they say.  Pay attention enough to decide who matters in your life/business.  Why do they matter?  What can you do to please others that matter most?  If you don't pick and choose, you might just go crazy trying to please everyone or no one.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach 

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