As many of us know, today is Halloween.  We like to have fun by dressing up in costumes and going to parties or trick-or-treating.  I personally went trick-or-treating with my son for the first time tonight.  The weather was GREAT, for a Halloween night!  Some of us like to get scared by watching horror movies or going to haunted houses.

Yet, what, deep down inside, really scares you?  Maybe you don't tell anyone what it is.  Maybe you don't even admit it to yourself.  Does the thought of being alone scare you?  Does the thought of dying without family or loved ones nearby scare you?  Maybe the thought of being overweight scares you.  Maybe people and being in crowds scares you.  Many people are afraid of spiders, the dark, and snakes.

We try to make light and make fun of some things that scare us on Halloween night.  We try to laugh it off and say it's nothing.  Yet, if you're afraid of something, there must be a reason.  Have you ever thought of what is the reason for your fear?  Did an experience in childhood?  The adolescent years?  College?  Adulthood?  How does that fear serve you?  There must be a reason for it, or you wouldn't keep it around.

If you don't mind that fear, there is a legitimate reason for keeping it, or you don't mind it - that's fine.  However, if you want to get rid of that fear - whatever it is- but don't quite know how, please reach out.  That's what coaches are for.  To help you when you just need a little more guidance.  I offer free 30-minute consultation sessions.  That may be enough to help you, or you may need more.  I won't know until I talk to you.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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