I think among all the titles, whether life or corporate coach, I'd like to be known as a motivational coach.  The reason I'd like to be known as a motivational coach is, one of my main goals in coaching is to motivate people to change their lives for the better.  You can be coached many times, but if you do not change, what's the point?!

This post will be a list of "You Might Be a Motivational Coach if..." similar to Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Redneck if..." jokes.

You might be a motivational coach if:

  • You end your e-mails with a motivational quote
  • You've read and shared The Secret
  • You've said "You're a winner" to someone
  • You care about people and listen to them talk
  • You watch the TV series The Bible
  • You listen to as many free webinars as you can
  • You're constantly giving other people advice
  • You take someone's advice and share it with someone else
  • You quote books
  • You quote famous quotes from movies or people
  • You lead others to motivational gurus
  • You lead people to yourself
  • You write blog posts
  • You make videos about coaching
  • You write articles about coaching
  • You like funny things

I don't know, maybe this is a ridiculous post.  Let me know.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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