Business Coaching can also be known as corporate coaching or executive coaching.  It is basically a type of coaching that helps the group/team/business be more effective as individuals and as a whole.  This article talks about what it is, when you might use it and why you should use a coach for your business needs.  Many individuals, and also many businesses are already using coaching.  In 2011, according to the Training Industry, business coaching made $129.36 Billion and was expected to grow $132 Billion in 2012.*

What Business Coaching Is
Often times, business coaching has some aspect of individual life coaching.  Yet, there is the added dynamic of the group, or, more than one individual.  It is guiding the group to make decisions that would positively affect the group as a whole.

This is a type of coaching for a group (like a club or individuals who come together).  Often, this type of coaching is used with people who work together at a specific job.  Either way, it's to help people work together and solve issues that is affecting the effectiveness of the group or job.  Obviously, we have different backgrounds, religions, creeds, nationalities, cultures that creates differences.  Different ways of thinking and doing things are natural in every type of group.  We coaches help bridge the gap between those differences.

How Business Coaching Can Be Used
Business Coaching can be used to help the groups be more than it currently is.  Synergy is when 1+1=3.  The whole of each individual parts is more than they are individually.  Business Coaching can turn the organization from good to great.  It can also turn a struggling organization into a thriving organization.

Coaching in businesses and groups can be used on a regular basis.  Imagine what it would be like to have someone regularly on-call or on-site to help with personnel conflicts.  It would also be great to have ongoing support with the goals that the business may have set up on a retreat or after a state evaluation - to keep everyone on track.  The reminders would be very helpful for all of the members of a business, from the lowest on the totem pole to the CEO.

Business coaches can also be used for a one-time event, like a weekend retreat.  Retreats have a way to bring individuals together into one unit.  Teambuilding activities are often a part of weekend retreats, and, in working together on a hypothetical situation, often help in solving every day situations at the end of the weekend.  Even a simple afternoon of problem-solving games can help an organization work together as a whole.

Why Use a Coach?
Simply put, we are trained  and/or certified to know how to help your organization grow in quality.  This may even result in higher profits for your company.  This will certainly result in higher morale in the company.  It will most likely result in more effective communication and working as a team.  We coaches have a way of bringing individuals into a unified group.  Though there are many differences, there are also many similarities in whatever organization, and we capitalize on those similarities.

A trainer is outside of the politics of an organization, so we can see the situation a little more objectively. We can look into the heart of a problem to find a solution that, hopefully, works for all involved.  The solutions we come up with at least help the majority of the group.  We ask questions and get solutions from the group.  We figure that the individuals in an organization usually have solutions that they have thought of many times, but have never had the opportunity to present them to the group.

There are many other ways this type of coaching can be used, but at least this is something to think about.  Please ask me  how I can help your group grow  in unity and effectiveness. Take advantage of my complimentary session today!

Lisa Starr
Life/Business Coach

*You can find this statistic on http://bit.ly/R3r9LO

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