Is your life going as you hoped?  Is everything the way you expected?  Chances are, no, unless you honestly EXPECTED your life this way.  It's not enough to simply HOPE or DREAM for a better life - you have to EXPECT it to be that way if you want your life to really change.  Positive expectation is a part of any dreamer who has achieved their dreams.  Ask anyone who has.  They'll tell you in different words, but everyone of them will tell you that they expected to be where they are.

To get a little personal, things in my life aren't going as I had hoped.  I want to have more than I have.  Not just for the sake of wanting, but I have dreams of what I want to do in order to help others and ultimately help this world be a better place.  But, I also know that I need to be more than I am and do more than I'm doing to have more.  I know that as I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.  I have a lot of head knowledge, but it takes more self-discipline to turn that into knowledge that will guide my life.

To get back into expectancy, for dreams to be successful achievements in your life, they must become a part of your life in your mind before they ever become a part of your life physically.  This is something else Bob Proctor teaches.  We need to visualize us as we are in our perfect world.  Let me make this important distinction: it's not enough to simply WANT.  The feeling of WANTING is very different in your body physically that BELIEVING. 

Try it - think of something you WANT very badly.  Fully experience that feeling of WANTING.  Feel the emotions and the intensity of those emotions while you think about how badly you want that thing/experience.  Close your eyes while you do this to shut out any other distraction.  Now, imagine that you HAVE that thing/experience you pictured wanting a minute ago.  Picture in your mind's eye, with your eyes closed, what it feels like to HAVE right NOW what you want.  Experience those emotions fully.

Did you feel the difference?  I sure do.  The way I describe it to myself is that when I WANT something - it's more of an aching, a reaching, a pain inside that I don't have it.  Yet, when I feel that I HAVE something I want, it's more of a peace, a calm, a knowing.  I'd love to hear your explanation of the differences of how you felt during that exercise.

Basically, my point in saying all of this is that if you want things to change, start EXPECTING instead of simply WANTING.  I know what you're thinking, "But I don't know how to make it happen" or "I don't know how to believe something that isn't here."  Well, as Abraham Lincoln says, "Believing in what you can see and hear is no belief at all, but believing what you can't see and hear is a triumph and a blessing."  Just start by trying.  Try to believe that what you want is already here and the way will present itself.  If you keep feeling good, as if you already HAVE it, you will get thoughts and feelings of what you should do toward your goal, DO THEM.   Believe in yourself.  That is your subconscious mind (or the Holy Spirit, if you will) guiding you toward your next step to reaching that goal.  That's the way Bob Proctor describes that part of the Law of Attraction, anyway.  It's a Law of the Universe, and, similar to the Law of Gravity, it works EVERY TIME, if you work it.

If you need help, you know where to find me.

Lisa Starr
Life/ Corporate Coach

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