One of the first things I remember hearing Bob Proctor say that really struck me was the phrase above.  He was stating this in relation to positive affirmations, or maybe it was in relation to your future gratitude list.  Either way, it could also be a way to help you feel better about life.

The gratitude list is a combination of what I learned from Bob and what I learned from The Greatest Gift (book & made into a movie).  What I do daily is write a list of 10 things that I am happy and grateful for in the future.  I then feel truly happy and grateful as if I have the things I want in physical form.

Yet, as Bob Proctor says, if I believe these dreams NOW, I HAVE them now emotionally and physically and it is only a matter of time until I get these goals in physical form.  From listening to Bob Proctor CDs often and thinking about them, his definition of thinking is thoughts that direct you toward your goal are REALLY thinking.

Yes, there are many things we all don't have.  There are many things we all want that many of us will never get/achieve.  Yet, there are MANY things that we all have that others don't that we can be grateful for. 

Some of the simple things I'm grateful for each day are: my hands, so I can type and touch; my eyes, so I can see the good in others and in myself; my legs, so I can walk and exercise to keep me healthy; my ears, so I can work on truly listening to those I love; my hair, so I can keep the cold off my head and ears more than if I didn't have hair; my computer, so I can reach out to the world and help people; my family, the people I love and want to be with forever; my mind, so I can continually get better and better and closer to my dreams.

What simple things are you happy and grateful for, whether personally or professionally?  I'd love to hear it.

Lisa Starr
Life and Corporate Coach

marion coath
5/30/2013 06:49:07 am

im so happy & grateful for prosperity reigning supreme in my life!!!


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