I apologize. I realize that I've been discussing many different subjects without really defining them. I want to do this blog post to define what Life Coaching really is.  So we're on the same page, and also audition for Jeff Sooey's article writing/movie-making creative team.


Life Coaching, to me, means to guide people to find the solutions to the problems looming in their personal lives. This is not to be confused with personal or sports training or sports. Instead of having physical from the neck down, you are more likely to have mental or emotional muscles from the neck up. It is a mental/emotional type of coaching, rather than a physical type.  If you're wanting help for yourself as a business owner or in your career as well as personal as a whole, life coaching may be just what you're looking for.  Taking care of ourselves before we can fully take care of others is a popular trend recently, as well as included in the law of attraction.  More individuals and business owners seek a way to be more effective personally and professionally.

Why People Might Use Life Coaching

There are many reasons people might seek life coaching. For one thing, if you can't figure out the solutions to your problems on your own, seeking a coach can be very beneficial. Also, you may want REAL solutions, instead of opinions of friends or family. You may also want to have something personally that you lack, like money, a fulfilling relationship, a healthy body, etc. You may have tried different things that haven't worked, so, you decide to search for life coaching instead of not finding a solution. 

Things may be working well personally or professionally in your life, but you're trying to think of a way to help them work even better, but you don't know how to go to the next level.  You may have a good business, good relationship, make good money, have good health, but you're stuck. You want more. You want greatness in your life. You want abundance. You want a great business, a great relationship, to make great money, have great health and to enjoy happiness more.

How We Can Help You

In life coaching, each professional is different, but the ideal scenario is finding a coach who can ask you questions until you figure out the solution to the problem yourself. Professionals become trained and often certified to know which questions to ask when to help you best.  In that case, they ask the right questions and can also know the best ways to get you to do what you may already know what you need to do but aren't doing currently.

Going back to being a business owner, life coaching can help you with what may hinder you from being the best business owner you can be. Maybe you lack the organization to turn your business from good into great. Maybe you lack leadership skills to know how to train your employees effectively.  Maybe you lack the self-esteem or motivation to get your business off the ground. We can help you understand, and do, what you need to understand and do in order to be most effective.

Where to Find a Life Coach

There are many places to look, but here are some ideas:

  • Look on this website

  • Do a Google search, or look for other qualified coaches, especially Jeffrey Sooey

  • Look in a local newspaper

  • Search in online classifieds

  • Networking with family or friends, you might be surprised who they know

  • Personal Development seminars- either the speakers are coaches or they can guide you to one

Basically, life coaching is to guide you to be better than you are, in many different areas of life. Many people are seeking these coaches to help them with relationships, health, money and other things.  Professional coaches, like myself, can help you solve your problems by asking you questions to help yourself, among other ways. You can find us in many ways. However you find one, help yourself by allowing us to help you.

Lisa Starr
Life/Corporate Coach

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